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Shaun Aleman

A lifelong resident of southern Louisiana that paints images
representing the unique heritage & culture of the region.  The
food, music, local festivals and even the catch phases of the area
lend themselves to my paintings.  “With so much going on
everyday here I will never run out of subject material to paint.  
Having grown up here, spending the weekends fishing,
celebrating Mardi Gras, going to the French Quarter and the
thousands of other things that we take for normal, I now realize
how unique and special this place it is.  Where else can you have
some beignets while a jazz band parades by and someone bets
you that they know where you got dem’ shoes?”

I went to high school in New Orleans.  I attended college at
Louisiana State University and received a degree in Design with
an emphasis in Fine Arts Painting & Drawing.   Then graduate
school at The University of New Orleans for studies in Graphic
Design.  I have been in many shows, exhibits, art markets and
festivals, worked as an illustrator, contributed a cartoon for a
local monthly magazine, and have donated time and artwork for
local charities.

I work mainly in Watercolor and Acrylic paints, but have studied
in Oil, Drawing, Glass, and Sculpture.  Lately, I begin painting Cut-
out paintings of local shotgun houses, voodoo dolls, king cake
babies, streetcars and just about anything else I can think of.  I
also recently start making my own frames for my artwork from
reclaimed wood, salvaged from New Orleans houses.

I hope my artwork brings back happy memories of gatherings
with family and friends, a bit of the past, fond memories of music
once shared, fun times at a local festival or just a chuckle of
happy times.  

Shaun Aleman
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